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Welcome to The Yardy Website

This is the one-name study website for the surname Yardy and its variants (Yarday, Yardey, Yeardye etc.). A one-name study is a project that researches all occurences of a name, rather than the family tree of one particular family. Our research therefore covers the stories of Yardys across the world. If you are a Yardy or interested in finding out about them, then this website is for you. I encourage you to submit information so that this can become a collaborative venture.


About This Study

This study was started by me - David Skyrme (you can see my profile here) - when restarting in earnest the research of my own family tree in 2010. With an unusual name like Skyrme I was able to find a lot of material about the Skyrmes of Pembrokeshire. I have documented this and published the first output on the Skyrme family website at www.skyrme.info.

Now it happens that my maternal grandmother's name was Yardy, and to my surprise I find that it is a surname that is three time rarer than Skyrme. It is as a result of my researching Yardys that I embarked in mid-2012 on writing The Yardys of The Fens (in Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire and Norfolk). This is still work in progress but as a result I have been in touch with other Yardys and descendants of Yardys, and so registered the Yardy surname as my One-Name Study with The Guild of One-Name Studies in February 2013, and also set up this website.

The study is well under way but is very much work in progress, with several years of work ahead. However, rather than wait until everything is totally ready for publication, I will publish regularly news and snippets (which may eventually become a blog). I do have a lot of material recorded, so if you have a specific enquiry, please do not hesitate to ask, and I will do my best to give you a meaningful response.

Do also look at The Guild of One-Name Studies website if you have other surnames in your family which you are interested in following. Links to One-Name studies are much more helpful than the many websites trying to sell you genealogical services or crests for every surname they can find! And if you are into genealogy and tracing family trees, good luck with your research. It's a really fascinating hobby, which these days can be done from the comfort of your living room.

David J Skyrme

This page last updated 4th November 2012